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Physical Science Student Worktext Grade 9 4th Edition

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ISBN13: 9781591665526
ISBN: 1591665523
UPC: 000000912370
Vendor Name: BJU Press
Released: May 15, 2008
Language: English
Group: Home Schooling
Format: Paperback
Category: Science-Physical Science
Reading/Grade Level: 9th


Physical Science Student Worktext (4th ed.) is an exciting and engaging introduction to the world of physics and chemistry. Designed and written for 9th graders, it provides the necessary foundation of knowledge and theory for subsequent science courses, including Biology, Chemistry, and Physics. This textbook also shows that true science involves glorifying God and serving our fellow humans in some capacity. Through practical Bible integration, students learn that a Christian worldview permeates true science. The textbook does not assume any prior knowledge in physics or chemistry, other than normal life experiences. It erects a scaffold of basic information regarding matter and measurement early in the text; then builds on that beginning the essential information in classical physics, work and energy, thermodynamics, electricity, magnetism, sound, light, and optics. After grasping these topics, students are equipped to study the structure of the atom, compounds and chemical reactions, and mixtures and solutions.