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Song School Latin Student Book

Retail: $24.95

ISBN13: 9781600510458
ISBN: 1600510450
UPC: 000000916025
Vendor Name: Classical Academic Press
Released: May 14, 2008
Language: English
Group: Home Schooling
Format: Paperback
Category: Foreign Language-Latin
Reading/Grade Level: Kindergarten to 3rd


Did you ever believe that there would be a Latin program that would match the energy, developmental level, and fun loving nature of primary students? Song School Latin is a gentle and delightful introduction to Latin. Each weekly lesson is peppered with songs, illustrations, hand-writing practice, stories and activities for easy mastery and memorization. Learn over a hundred engaging everyday Latin vocabulary words for the seasons, body parts, food, animals and common greetings. A lively musical CD is a delightful and essential piece of the program, and is included in each student text. As an ideal introduction to the language, Song School Latin will more than prepare a student to begin a grammar school program such as Latin for Children. Accompanying children’s music CD (30 songs) included in each student text! - Classical and Ecclesiastical pronunciations in both text and CD - Interactive workbook text with lots of activities - 30 weekly lessons including review chapters - 100 + everyday vocabulary words Very gentle introduction to Latin grammar The Song School Latin Teacher’s Edition is sold separately, and includes the entire Song School Latin student text, answer keys, additional teacher’s notes and fun ideas for interactive classroom activities.